If a kid gets bored

you don't stand a chance

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Because kids and teens are different, they require a different approach.

Connecting your brand with their ever changing world needs to be done in a way that’s in line with their way of being.

If you want to know what they think, we’re prepared for the mission.


Because playing is the natural way kids and teens relate to the world.

Playing is how they experiment and develop; playing engages and motivates them.

When they’re playing, they liberate their emotions and reveal what moves them.

How we do what we do

These are some of our methodologies. If your project needs another, we’ll create it for you.


Our toolbox

Engaging kids in a way that opens them up, gets them talking and gets their creative juices flowing is a lot easier when you have the right tools. These are some of ours.


What purpose...does this serve?

To advance your project to the next level, we’ll answer your questions,

and the more specific the better.

We know that there are a thousand other questions,
Go ahead and ask us yours.


We love to share

Take a look at some of our discoveries here


Who With:

Kids, teens...

in their lives


Kids lie and lie until they tell you the whole truth. We make sure they have some skin in the game.


Teens can be withdrawn and difficult until they liberate their enormous energy. We unleash their creative and collaborative strengths.

Mothers and fathers

If they have such clear ideas about what to do, why do they miss the mark so often? We shed light on their contradictions.


There are “four legged”, “six legged”, “eight legged” consumers… Welcome to the family! We throw ourselves smack dab in the middle of their interactions.


LittleBand is a division of BigBand that specialises in kids, teens and families.
The players on this team:

Edouard de Biasi

Little Researcher

'What I like most about working with kids is that they’re so radical: radically different, sincere and creative. That’s why conducting research with them is radically necessary. Because proposals created by adults run the risk of being far removed from their world..'

Eva Porro

Chief of experiments

'Nothing’s predictable with them; they never cease to surprise me. It’s non-stop discovery and their enthusiasm is infectious. That’s what I like about working with kids.'

Natalia Santamaría

Super powers coordinator

'I’m always amazed by their spot-on vision of the adult world, the excitement they show when they feel appreciated, and the innate logic they apply when evaluating and deconstructing proposals supposedly created for them.'

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